178 St. Michael's Hill

Contemporary, well-equipped short-term accommodation in a beautiful modernised Georgian house in Bristol.

We are centrally located, with five smart & affordable en-suite double rooms perfectly suited for visiting scholars & professionals.

We provide contemporary, well-equipped short-term accommodation in a beautiful modernised Georgian house.

Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
My stay at 178 was fantastic! It was comfortable, clean and spacious. The dining area and back garden were especially nice for relaxing. I hope to return one day! Best,
— Austen James, June 2019
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I’m glad I spent this time at 178. The room was really comfortable, the kitchen was spacious and the house was quiet. Thank you for your welcome and your availability when I needed it. I found myself very well and if I come back to Bristol I’ll certainly contact you again!
See you again....I hope!
— Michele De Pietro, May - June 2019
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I’ve had a very pleasant stay at 178 over the past 2 months, and thank you again for being so accommodating. I’ll definitely be back again if I come to Bristol.
All the best,
— Nina Chiewattanakul, Apr - June 2019
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you very much for this comfortable accommodation. I can enjoy Bristol for the first month of my stay in the UK. I hope we will meet again someday!
— Shingo Kobori, May - June 2019
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
It was a peaceful stay at 178. Throughout the stay both of you were so helpful and very kind to assist us. The apartment is very clean and well equipped and the location is very close to the centre.
We are grateful for allowing us to stay with comfort at your apartment. Big thanks to you both.
— Samreen and Abbas Hashmi, April - June 2019
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you very much for this wonderful time in Bristol. Thank you for the hospitality and kindness. I really would like to return when I visit Bristol again. Best regards
— Balazs Barany, March 2019
Dear Kiran & Tamsin,
Thank you very much for making my stay in Bristol very hospitable. It was very close to Bristol University where I did my research. Thank you so much for the effort you are making to make this place comfortable for your clients.
— Paschal Umeakuana, February - March 2019
Dear Kiran & Tamsin,
I had a very nice stay in this place. It was so comfortable. Thank you so much!
I would recommend your place to everybody who wants to stay in Bristol. Thank you.
— Janine Dalnodar, October 2018 - January 2019
Dear Kiran & Tamsin,
Thank you for the opportunity of letting me stay in this amazing place. It made my stay in Bristol much more comfortable and pleasant. Plus I met some amazing room mates. I would definitely return back every time I visit Bristol during the course of my studies.
Thank you
— Brian Miscallef, October - December 2018
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thanks a lot for the stay. We enjoyed staying at your house. The place is comfortable and very nice. The location is perfect as it’s very close to Bristol University and the city centre. Thank you and best wishes
— Esra Yurteri, November 2018
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I enjoyed my stay at your house. The location is perfect for the University of Bristol. Your suggestions about places to eat was very useful. Thank you.
— Julia Mortera, University of Rome, October 2018
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you very much for letting me stay in such a beautiful, peaceful and amazing place. I have had a truly brilliant time in the house, getting along so well with the others in the house. Definitely would love to come back again.
— Alicja Cwikowska, August - October 2018
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thanks for the amazing experience in Bristol. The room was perfect and the location was ideal for the University. I will definitely hope to come back again. Best wishes
— Srinivasan Arunachalam, July - September 2018
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
I’m delighted to have had a wonderful stay at your house for 2 months. The place is very comfortable and has everything a visitor needs! I have had the pleasure to meet Tamsin, Kiran and Martin and many housemates from the four corners of the world.
— Mohammad Zabadi, June - August 2018
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you for making my stay at St Michaels Hill wonderful experience! The house is very comfortable, quiet and convenient. I have felt like being at home. If I come back to Bristol I will stay here.
Best wishes
— Victor Jose Garrido, July 2018
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
What a truly lovely house you have. I have had an excellent time in Bristol but coming back every evening to your house was the icing on the cake.
Thank you so much for all your kindness and support this past month. I have truly enjoyed our chats and have also met some incredibly lovely people.
I wish you continued success and I will definitely recommend 178 St Michaels Hill.
With all my best wishes
— Ritu Garg, June 2018,
Thank you from my heart for your wonderful house, where I stayed warm and happy for 5 weeks. Thank you for your hospitality and collaboration.
— Kostas , University of Athens, May - June 2018
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I like to thank you for the lovely hospitality and wonderful stay at this place. I never felt like I am out of my home. I appreciate your quick response whenever asked for.
The facilities are awesome!
— Ankut Saha, November - December 2017
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you so much for an incredible stay. This place feels like home.
— Clarissa, November 2017
Thanks for all your help during my stay.
— Yang, October 2017
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you a lot for this comfortable, quiet and peaceful place! I enjoyed mornings and evenings spending time in the sun room. 178 St Michaels Hill is the best place in Bristol to stay!
— Min Lee, September 2017
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you for a very comfortable stay in your beautiful house. We both felt ‘at home’ here. We have met some lovely people and enjoyed their company.
If anyone asks me where to stay in Bristol I will definitely recommend 178 St Michaels Hill. Hopefully we will be back again!
Best wishes
— Liz and Andrew Cullen, September 2017
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
We’ve had a wonderful time here. The location was great for us because everything was nearby. We’ve made ourselves at home, especially in your lovely dining room. We’re looking forward to coming back again.
Best wishes
— Cristina and Inma (Spanish teachers), June 2017
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I wish I could have stayed longer. This is a very nice place. It will be my first choice on my next visit. Thanks.
— Sinan Yildirim, June 2017
Thank you for the lovely stay - the room is comfortable, clean and the garden is so nice! Hope to see you soon.
— Teresa and Alessandro, Italy, June 2017
Thank you for the very comfortable stay. Very pleasant garden!
— Mario and Julio, Portugal, May 2017
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
I enjoyed my stay of 3 months in Bristol. I had a nice room in this house and friendly house mates. Thank you!
— Femke Jansen, January - March 2017
I liked it here. Will be back.
— Michael Rams, February 2017
Dear Lovely Ladies,
Thank a lot for the superb stay. The room is absolutely beautiful and made us feel like we were at home. It was a great pleasure to meet you. Best of luck for the future! Hope to see you soon :)
— Marzena Baron, January 2107
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Many thanks for the wonderful stays here. I have visited several times during Oct ‘16 - Jan ‘17 and always enjoyed the benefits of the place: clean and tidy, nicely decorated rooms, a very useful kitchen, a convenient communal area, a beautiful garden and a great location as a bonus. Thanks a lot for being so kind and for providing such award home here in Bristol. Yours
— Eli Cohen, January 2017
Thank you for the lovely room you prepared. I appreciated my stay here in 178, from the end of August until January. I may be the first one to stay here for more than four months? It is really good to live here, and a great location. It was nice to meet the kind-hearted landlords and Martin. Thanks a lot!
— Lavinia Si, August 2016 - January 2017
Thanks very much for the nice stay.
— Michael Benedick, December 2016
Thank you for the lovely stay. This is a wonderful place and I definitely recommend.
— Holger Then, November 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you for your lovely hospitality. This place is so wonderful and high quality. Lovely rooms to stay! Beautiful gardens and artwork around the house! I feel like being at home. I really love this place and will recommend to my family and friends.
— Nota, October 2016
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thanks a lot for the great hospitality. I had a very enjoyable stay here, the rooms and communal areas are comfortably organised and beautifully decorated. St Michael’s Hill was perfectly located for my work at the University . I will recommend it!
All the best,
— Patrick Arni, September 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you for being so friendly, welcoming and accommodating throughout my stay. You went over and above!
Lovely place to stay - will definitely recommend it.
— Georgina Taylor, August 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Many thanks for the wonderful stay - great house in a fantastic location. Well set up too.
— Feodora and Peter, August 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Many thanks for your lovely hospitality (and the biscuits!), and the excellent service that this accommodation provides. I’d definitely like to stay again in the future - it’s becoming a habit!
All the best,
— Adham Naji, July 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you so much for 3 lovely weeks in Bristol. 178 was the perfect place to come home to after long dye in seminars and libraries. I will always be especially grateful to Tamsin, who shares my love of the English countryside, for all those maps and lovely guidebooks. Many thanks
— John Watkins, July 2016 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you again for another lovely stay at St Michaels Hill. Very comfy and homey and always interesting people to meet. I hope I will come back some time.
— Anne Glenn, June 2016 Guildford College, Greensboro, NC,USA
Dear Kiran, Tamsin and Martin,
It has been wonderful to see you again, and to stay at 178 St Michaels Hill. You have created a beautiful space for visitors to feel at home while in Bristol. Thank you for that and your hospitality.
Best wishes in the year to come.
— Mark Wilhelm, June 2016, Indiana, USA
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thanks for providing such lovely accommodation. 178 St Michaels Hill will definitely be my first preference next time I’m in Bristol. I really enjoyed my stay. Many thanks
— Brigid Lynch, Cancer Council Victoria, Australia
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I just had a wonderful stay again in Bristol, thanks to your house. Everything was just perfect. Thank you so much, and all the best.
— Basile Curchod, May 2016
Dear Kiran & Tamsin,
We have spent very enjoyable times here in the house and we want to repeat again. Hopefully next year will be our fourth time in this lovely house. Thank you so much.
— Paco & Carlos (the Spaniards), January - March 2016
Dear Kiran & Tamsin,
Yet another great stay in this lovely house, with friendly people and beautiful owners. I will definitely visit again, and shall recommend it to all my friends who visit Bristol. All the best,
— Adham Naji, January 2016
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
I had a very nice stay here and would choose to stay here again if I come to Bristol for a second time. I will definitely recommend this house to my friends.
Thank you for giving such good experience. Best wishes
— Khaki Wu, February 2016
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
It was my second stay here and my opinion has not changed. This place is so convenient! I am certainly recommending it! Cheers
— Lucas Festugato, UFRGS, Brasil, February 2016
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I have a really nice stay here. The location is great. The kitchen and common room are bright and comfortable with fantastic decorating style. The garden is so lovely! My room is beautiful. I really enjoy my experience here. Thanks for everything!
I have already recommended this place to my friends. Good Luck!
— Ivy Rao, August 2015 - January 2016, University of Bristol
It has been a really great time here. The place is wonderful and offers all we need for a short stay. The location is also very convenient. I’ll return in my future visits to Bristol and recommend this place to all my friends. With best wishes,
— Daniel Zoccal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2015
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
I loved to stay here. It was my first time working in another country and you made it easier!
Since the booking until the check out I will recommend this amazing place. Cheers!
— Nuno Minhoto, Braganca, Portugal, October 2015
We really enjoyed our stay in Room 2. The proximity to the University was perfect and the walk to any other part of Bristol pleasant and not long. Both the house and our room were really clean. Kitchen had plenty of necessities for cooking. Everything is very well organised, including all the necessary supplies, extra towels or linen. We especially liked the view to the garden, both as we woke up in the morning and later, when we had breakfast in the warm quietness of the conservatory.
With best wishes
— Anya and Dima Ioffe, Technion Haifa, Israel, September 2015
Hi, It was a very nice stay. This place is so convenient for walking distance to University and is surrounded by good restaurants.
— Lucas Festugato, UFRGS, Brasil, September 2015
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
You are such a friendly and affable pair of landlords! Thank you so much for filling the place with high quality services, art and spirit. Your warmth and efficiency in responding to enquiries are exemplary. I’ll certainly recommend you to my fellow academics visiting Bristol.
All the best for you both,
— Adham Naji, August 2015
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
It has been a great place, with great taste, considerate service and convenient location for me to stay. I really appreciate your hospitality and kindness and I will definitely recommend it to friends and family in the future. Best wishes
— Fang-Zhen Teng,University of Washington, August 2015
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you so so so much for your amazing accommodation. What you guys provide is amazing and great quality. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here at St Michael’s Hill. All the best for the future and we will definitely recommend your place to our friends and family when they come over to England.
God bless you guys. We’ll keep in touch and speak soon.
— Lisa and Kyle Kleyn, July - August 2015
Dear Tamsin,
It was a really nice stay here - my family enjoyed it very much! With best wishes
— Liyi Zhang, July 2105
Dear Kiran,
Thank you very much for your hospitality. I have had a comfortable stay in this beautiful house.If I come back to Bristol, 178 will be my first choice. The house is nice and well-maintained. Also I like to thank the other people in the house, particularly Lisa, Kyle and Sven. Best wishes
— Saulo Vasquez, University of Santiago de Compostela, July 2015
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
It has been a wonderful stay here, we really felt like being at home!! Lovely room to stay, beautiful garden (ideal for summer bbqs) and a fantastic kitchen with everything. The house is ideally located from our work place at the Uni, very close to the bus station and from the beautiful Durdham Downs which was our evening hang-out place; after a long tiring day this was the best place to relax! The best prt of our stay was that we got a wonderful opportunity to meet with so many wonderful people from different parts of the world and interact with them.
Overall it has been a very satisfying experience and we really look forward to coming back again next year. With best wishes
— Arpita and Ashish, University of Bangalore,India, June - July 2015
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you so much for a lovely stay at 178. It was so nice here as a “home base” during my stay in Bristol. I look forward to returning next year!
— Anne Glenn, Guildford College, Greensboro, NC, July 2015
Dear Ladies,
This Spring in Bristol has meant to us a great period in our student lives. This lovely house makes easier all our stay in the University as it is located between the Campus and Clifton Village, an area with a really nice atmosphere and full of tiny stores where you can find really nice products such as a real Indian curry, a delicious felafel pitta or just local organic vegetables. I would say that this location makes the difference with other places. Another thing I personally find very interesting is the little garden, where on sunny days you can peacefully read a book on the grass. If the weather is not so good the conservatory also works for meetings.
There are many other experiences to share but for the moment and until the next time we visit Bristol, we want to desire you, Kiran and Tamsin, the best.
— The Spanish Guys, Paco and Carlos, Nov 2014 and Spring 2015
Thank you for your kind hospitality and very nice accommodation. I hope to stay here again on my next visit. Until then I send best wishes to you and guests at 178.
— Mark Wilhelm, March 2015, Richmond, Indiana, USA
My stay at 178 was great and I would definitely recommend anyone to stay here. The house is very neat and comfortable with all the facilities you may need. I think the location is one of the best features since it is in a very nice neighbourhood and is walking distance from the centre and many other nice places to see. I would also highly recommend Tiffins across the street, they have incredible Indian food!
— Jorien Treur, January 2015, VU University, Amsterdam
We were in the lovely room 4 for several days while my husband did some research at the University. Bristol is a delight and the accommodation at 178 was perfect. Thank you for the greeting, attention to detail, clean and calm environment and the generous fruit bowl. Only regret is that we did not have longer!
— Jim and Camille Lancaster, January 2015, Appalachian University
Dear Kiran and Tamsin, After 3 months here I can say that I had a really good time in Bristol. The house is very comfortable and in my time here I met a lot of lovely people - I’m very proud with mixing with so many cultures! You were always very kind and helpful - I’m going to miss this place!
— Salvo Mannino, September - December 2014
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Another lovely stay - thanks for everything!
— Claudia Gerling, Basel University, October - December 2014
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
I am writing this as I am having my last cup of coffee here. It has been a wonderful stay over the past couple of weeks and I have made some of my first friends in Bristol here. The room was very nice and comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at 178 and I will definitely miss this place.
— Sarvesh Bidkar, September - October 2014
A most pleasant experience and stay - started to feel at home after only a few days. Would recommend and stay again if ever needed.
— Ali Walker, October 2014
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thank you for a comfortable and pleasant stay! I also thank you for your consideration about my schedule! The view from my window (to the garden) was so peaceful and pretty, and the room is clean, comfortable and quiet. I’ve enjoyed staying at 178.
— Min Lee, August - September 2014
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you for a pleasant and comfortable stay! I hope to visit Bristol again and if so I definitely would like to return here.
— Diana Davis, August 2014
Your guest house is wonderfully decorated, truly homely and equipped with the necessities for a comfortable stay. I appreciated that extra step taken to receive me which you took by providing such good quality tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits, as well as by taking the time to meet me and ensure that I could operate the household appliances. For the traveller, the feeling of being genuinely welcome is priceless. The close proximity to my University office and to a supermarket sealed a well-rounded proposal.
— Etienne Depasquale, March 2014, IEEE.org
I had a wonderful time in your lovely place. The bedrooms are perfect, so is the kitchen and the living room...and the garden if the weather is nice! I’m already looking forward to my stay in the Autumn. See you in a couple of months.
— Claudia Gerling, April - May 2014, Basel University
Spent a lovely month here - very nice house and the location is perfect.
— Andrew Frederiksen, April - May 2014, University of Manitoba
I really enjoyed my stay at 178 St Michaels Hill. I would love to come again if I get the chance. All the best,
— Atalay Ayele, April 2014, University of Addis Ababa
Great accommodation with a perfect infrastructure, just a few steps from the University. A very lovely and recommendable place to stay. I am looking forward to coming back soon.
— Thomas Doppler, April - May 2014, Basel University
Dear Kiran and Tamsin, Thank you very much for all your kindness, I really enjoyed staying here. It was precious time for me to start my stay in Bristol. I would also like to say thanks to my lovely house mates!!
I’m looking forward to staying here in the future!
— Kyoko Kitamura, May 2014, Kyoto University
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
Thanks again for another wonderful stay, it’s a great place you have! I really enjoyed meeting a good mix of housemates too.
All the best.
— George Cooper, June 2014, Durham University
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you for a wonderful stay. The house was just perfect for my needs while in Bristol - clean, smart and close to everything. I look forward to coming back!
— Cameron Monroe, June 2014, University of California
Dear Kiran and Tamsin,
Thank you for a wonderful place to stay during my all-too-brief visit to Bristol! The accommodation was just perfect, as is the location. And it was a delightful and unexpected bonus to share the house with other scholars from various disciplines - I learnt many unexpected things about math, archaeology, physics and other topics. Thanks again!
— John Hummel, June 2014, University of Illinois
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
It is my pleasure to thank you for the very nice accommodation I enjoyed here. It seems you you have thought of every detail to make the apartment very comfortable and friendly. I am looking forward to coming again.
— Pascal Molin, June 2014, University of Paris
Hello Lovely Ladies,
It was a delight staying at 178 St Michael’s Hill. The residence has not only been convenient but also neat, quiet and cosy. Thank you sincerely for your generosity and understanding.
— Kodzo Gavua, June - July 2014
Dear Tamsin and Kiran,
The stay was wonderful, we had a great time! Thank you for being so accommodating with my slightly disorganised arrangements!
— Bob Steele, July 2014, University of California
178 St Michaels Hill is ideally located, with only a 5 minute walk to the University and town centre. The room on the top floor was very spacious with a lovely en-suite bathroom. The kitchen is well equipped with everything you need, and the washing machine/dryer is very handy for longer stays. I had a great stay at the house and I got to make friends with other academics visiting the Uni, one of which I am now collaborating on a project with. I would recommend 178 to anyone, whether it’s for a few days or a few months, and I will definitely stay again later in the year.
— George Cooper, February 2014, Durham University



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